Apple Watch project was more difficult than the iPhone, says Jony Ive


Some interesting tidbits here. His focus on how the watch works versus the phone is what sets it apart. Shrinking iPhone down and adding straps would have been a disaster.

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Apple chief designer Jony Ive said that designing the Apple Watch was more difficult than the iPhone because it needed to meet so many diverse expectations, reports the WSJ.

“Even though Apple Watch does so many things, there are cultural, historical implications and expectations,” Ive said. “That’s why it’s been such a difficult and humbling program [...] As soon as something is worn, we have expectations of choice,” said Ive. Only “in prison,” he joked, do people all wear the same thing.

He made the remarks while accepting the 2014 Bay Area Treasure Award from San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art last night … 

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U.S. court rules that phone passcodes are protected by the 5th Amendment, but fingerprints aren’t


Yikes. Not surprising, but still another thing to think about when it comes to convenience vs. security. I’m sticking with Touch ID.

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While Touch ID makes sense for most of us as a secure and convenient way to protect our phones, there is one group of people who may want to stick to good old-fashioned passcodes: criminals.

A Virginia District Court has ruled that while phone passcodes are protected by the 5th Amendment, which says that those accused of crimes cannot be compelled to incriminate themselves, there is no such protection against using a suspect’s fingerprint to unlock a phone … 

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For every Galaxy Note 4 sold this year, 10 people will buy iPhones

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Samsung’s mobile nightmare is far from over, and the company’s mobile division — which brought in the most profit in recent years — will have a tough quarter ahead as Samsung has to fight against Apple’s iPhone 6 models. Starting Friday, both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus will be available in stores in South Korea as well, The Korea Herald reports, with the publication confirming previous reports that said combined iPhone 6 preorders beat Galaxy Note 4 preorders in the region.

And unfortunately, that’s just the tip of the iPhone 6 iceberg for Samsung.

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1Password for iOS updated w/ Touch ID lock screen improvements & more


Definitely some great updates here.

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Apple SVP Craig Federighi featuring 1Password at October Apple event

Apple SVP Craig Federighi featuring 1Password at October Apple event

Apple gave a prominent shoutout to the 1Password secure wallet app earlier this month when Craig Federighi, who leads the OS X and iOS teams, mentioned the password management app’s support for Touch ID in an iOS 8 review on stage. AgileBits, the developers behind 1Password, mentioned the shoutout in their latest release notes for an updated version of the iPhone and iPad app which brings a list of new improvements.

The latest version of 1Password for iPhone and iPad brings an improvement to the app’s lock screen when using Touch ID. Specifically, 1Password now moves the lock out of the way when using Touch ID as seen on stage in Federighi’s demonstration. This change means users unlocking 1Password to access stored passwords using the Touch ID fingerprint scanner can see more of the lock screen artwork. The update also…

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Apple reportedly reverses decision on rejecting iOS 8 calculator widgets


Great news. It’s a good move. iOS 8 was heralded for its more open and flexible capabilities. It would be shame to dampen that spirit. Congrats to Mr. Thompson. In a way, he’s a pioneer of a new type of iOS app/widget and an example that Apple can change they’re minds when they’re wrong.

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Notification Center widgets in Today view

We learned yesterday from developer James Thompson that Apple had informed him that the calculator widget for his app PCalc, which had already been approved and even featured by the App Store, would have to remove the widget from the app to remain available for sale. The reason Apple gave, according to Thompson’s tweets, is that “widgets on iOS cannot perform any calculations” which his PCalc calculator widget obviously did, but it seems Apple has since reversed that decision. TechCrunch writes that an Apple spokesperson has confirmed that PCalc’s widget can now remain as well as any other similar calculator widgets.

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Meijer is first MCX member to break ranks, continuing to support Apple Pay


More to follow.

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While CurrentC consortium MCX’s contracts state that members cannot accept competing forms of mobile payment, Midwest grocery chain Meijer appears to be the first member to break ranks by continuing to allow NFC payment – including Apple Pay.

Michigan Live quotes spokesman Frank Guglielmi as saying that the chain’s 213 grocery and gas outlets have no plans to block Apple Pay.

We have had the technology in our stores to accept mobile wallets for several years now. If a customer has Apple Pay capability, our hardware works with it [...] We don’t plan to remove or disable these systems.

Meijer is currently shown on both Apple Pay and MCX websites:


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Anonymous Apple employees reveal what it’s like to work for Tim Cook


Interesting tidbits here.

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Despite the fact that all of its products now leak long before they are formally announced, Apple remains one of the most secretive technology companies in the world. Of course, it makes sense that the most valuable company in the United States would want to protect its secret sauce, so one can’t exactly blame Apple for closing itself off to the public, for the most part.

Then again, when a company is as secretive as Apple, it makes the private bits and pieces that do manage to trickle out far more tantalizing — and some juicy bits and pieces were shared recently when several anonymous Apple employees shared some details surrounding what it’s like to work for Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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