Chitika: OS X Yosemite adoption rate slightly higher than Mavericks in first week


Not shocking, given the makeover and generally excited and positive reception from users and reviews.

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New numbers released by analytics firm Chitika have revealed that public adoption of OS X Yosemite has been very similar to that of its predecessor, Mavericks. According to the stats, Mavericks achieved an install base of 12.4% in North America in its first week. Yosemite is performing slightly better, coming in at 12.8% in the same period of time.

The last of the “big cat” releases, OS X Mountain Lion, was only at 5.6% during its first week in public release. That could be due to the fact that it was considered an incremental upgrade over Lion and cost $19.99, whereas the two newer versions (especially Yosemite) were much larger releases and were both available for free to all users.

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This is the future of iTunes


Seemed like a logical next step after Apple announced the purchase of Beats.

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It’s been a few months since Apple acquired Beats Electronics, but the merging of products and services has only just begun. One of the first questions many of us asked when the acquisition was announced was what would happen to the relatively new Beats Music streaming service. Apple hasn’t provided an answer yet, but The Wall Street Journal is the latest publication to report that Beats Music will eventually merge with Apple’s own music service.

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First impressions of the iPad Air 2 from a current iPad Air owner


Great read. I own an iPad Air and I honestly love it – and despite genuinely loving some of the improvements with the Air 2 – and don’t plan on upgrading this year.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

If you want the latest and greatest tablet Apple has to offer, you can now find the iPad Air 2 available on store shelves. Apple debuted the new slate last week with some subtle outside improvements over last year’s iPad Air and larger changes inside.

[company]Apple[/company] sent me an iPad Air 2 review unit yesterday and I can share some initial thoughts now before writing up a longer-term full review. The loaner iPad Air 2 is a gold 128 GB model with [company]Verizon[/company] LTE service. I currently own an iPad Air that I bought last year that connects to [company]T-Mobile[/company]‘s LTE network.

iPad Air 2

There’s not much of a difference on the outside

Aside from the new Touch ID sensor on the iPad Air 2, you’d be hard pressed to see many visual differences at first glance. The gold color is new, of course, and is more of a champagne tint than a…

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Apple iPad mini 3 unboxing and first impressions (Video)


Nice video. Too bad the iPad mini 3 didn’t see bigger upgrades. I own the second-generation iPad mini 2 and I love it. Touch ID is great though.

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Along with Apple’s iPad Air 2, the iPad mini 3 also hit store shelves during a silent weekday release. If you don’t currently own an iPad mini, it’s probably a better time than ever to pick one up, but I wouldn’t really recommend getting Apple’s latest and greatest. Let me tell you why…

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Video: This is the first TV commercial for Apple Pay


Nice ad. It is a great feature and I think it is just the start.

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Is Apple Pay the future of the payment industry? Is it just an overhyped fad that will eventually vanish from sight like Google Wallet? Early indications certainly seem to suggest that the former may in fact be the case, but we won’t know for certain for quite some time. In the meantime, the early response to Apple’s mobile wallet solution has been tremendous as users continue to enjoy this frictionless mobile payment solution in the few establishments where Apple Pay is currently accepted.

Now, as companies begin a campaigns in support of Apple’s payment solution, the first TV commercial featuring Apple Pay has been aired.

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Apple will continue evaluating GTAT’s sapphire production progress, could repurpose Mesa facility


When life gives you lemons…

Seriously, let’s hope they can figure it out and get some better protective screen casings on iPhone. Current screens are great, but as Apple excels at, making them better would be even greater.

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Following news this week that Apple had reached at a settlement with bankrupt sapphire manufacturerGT Advanced, today the company has responded to the situation in a comment to Recode. While GT previously said it would wind down sapphire production operations at its Mesa, Arizona plant and sell furnaces to repay the $439M owed to Apple, today Apple hinted it might have its own plans for the facility.

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TestFlight prepares for takeoff, now lets developers send 1000 public beta invites


Looking forward to this.

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Apple announced today that its TestFlight Beta testing service now allows developers to invite public beta testers. Developers can invite up to 1,000 testers (in addition to the internal testing features that were previously available) through an email invitation sent from iTunes Connect.

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