Apple Stores to soon open up iPhone sales via AT&T Next, T-Mobile JUMP, & Verizon Edge


Good news for customers. The more options in Apple stores, the better for customers. It is likely that Apple will sell more iPhones to customers in their own stores rather than in their partner’s stores with these expanded upgrade options.

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Apple is preparing a significant expansion of its iPhone sales capabilities in its official retail stores, according to sources. Late in August, many Apple Stores in the United States will kick off a pilot program for customers to be able to purchase a new iPhone via the latest carrier upgrade programs: AT&T Next, T-Mobile JUMP, and Verizon Edge. Currently, iPhones bought at Apple Stores must either be purchased on a two-year deal, or at full-price (unlocked) with no contract…

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Unverified Apple Store photo teases faster Retina MacBook Pros with 16GB of RAM across the board


They’ll be a lot of happy buyers of these machines. Though not a huge upgrade, they offer more value for the money. Looking forward to the major upgrades in October.

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An image posted on a Chinese forum, claimed to have been taken inside of Apple’s new Paradise Walk store, indicates that Apple could be preparing to release an updated line of Retina MacBook Pros in the near-future. The image appears to be from one of Apple’s iPad Smart Signs within the store, and the sign advertises 15-inch MacBook Pros with technical specifications and features not found in the current lineup.

The first possibility is that this image is faked, but the other likely possibility is a system error on Apple’s part. There’s also room for this image to indicate an actual MacBook Pro lineup update coming in the near-future. The rumored specifications indicate that Apple will be bumping the standard 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro line from two models to three, and all will include 16GB of RAM as a standard option. Here are all the purported models:

  • 2.2GHz Intel…

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Apple Stores unify employee shirts as major customer service enhancements planned


Definitely welcome news. Anything that improves the experience we (customers) have in store is good news. There’s definitely areas for improvement across the board.

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Apple is taking a small-step to unifying the attire of its U.S.-based Apple Store employees this upcoming week: the black shirts worn by Apple Store Business Team members for several years will be going into retirement, and all Apple Store employees will begin wearing the same, classic blue t-shirts as normally seen on the store sales floors. Is this a move from the handbook of Angela Ahrendts’ fashion background? Probably not. Sources say that the move happened in Europe a few months and the change-up is simply to unify the Apple Store teams as one. The business team will continue exist in its current form (for now), so this is mostly just a visual change.

In other news, multiple sources also say that Apple is planning some significant operational changes within its stores to improve customer experience…

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NFC rumored for next iPhone for fourth year in a row, this time based on leaked circuit board


It’s definitely possible (though by no means a reality yet) that the iPhone 6 will include it. What occurs to me is that if Apple is using the “cut out” logo with plastic logo insert (which was rumored as the notification light people apparently are yearning for), it might actually better serve as the contact point for NFC transfers. If it worked similar to Android phones that would be the most sensible spot on the back for them to place it as it’s the only area that’s visible even with (most) cases on. I personally doubt they’d include it in the exact same way that Android and other phone makers have – it is likely that when and if they do it’ll be implemented in a more useful way.

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A new iPhone is shipping in a few months, so that naturally means that there is talk of the new Apple device including NFC capabilities. This time, the claims come via website, which claims that the above printed circuit board is a legitimate iPhone 6 part that includes an NFC chip and an 802.11ac WiFi card among the usual other components. Why would Apple include NFC, an old technology far inferior to Bluetooth Low Energy? I’m not sure, so don’t count on it happening. You can see from the image above that the iPhone 6 part is quite similar to the current iPhone’s variant, and today’s leak does not tell us much more about what we already know is coming: a thinner, lighter device, with a larger and higher-resolution display, new sensors, and a faster processor. We’ve reported that at least the upcoming 4.7-inch model will take its…

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Apple reportedly acquired BookLamp startup for $10-15 million earlier this year


This is very interesting. Could lead to some intriguing things down the road.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 8.38.51 PM

Apple acquired a company called BookLamp earlier this year for somewhere between $10-15 million, according to information uncovered by TechCrunch.

The Idaho-based startup created what was referred to as “Pandora for books,” including a system known as the Book Genome Project that could recommend books based on analysis of the text and previous ratings of other books by users (very similar to Pandora’s Music Genome Project, which does the same thing for musical analysis).

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Bill allowing smartphone unlocking approved by the House of Representatives, set to become law


Good news for customers and users of all types of smartphones. If we purchase the phones then we should have the ability to unlock them.

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iphone-5s-hero-l-201311After the decision last year to make unlocking smartphone and tablet devices illegal, the US House of Representatives today voted yes to allow the practice to become legal once again. This is already the second time the government has voted on this issue, as just a few weeks ago the US Senate approved the legislation to move on to the House. The final step in getting the law approved is the President’s signature, which should come with little delay as he has already spoken out in favor of the bill.

If you’re unclear as to what exactly this means for you, unlocking a phone allows you to use it on any compatible carrier (i.e. GSM) without being restricted to the original carrier.

This means if you purchased an AT&T smartphone, but then moved to Canadian carrier, you can legally unlock the device without jumping through hoops. It’s unclear when the specific date when unlocking…

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Bose files lawsuit against Beats Electronics over noise-cancelling technology patent


Impeccable timing. Wait until they are bought by a company worth billions and then sue. While they might have a valid claim, the timing is interesting.

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Bose has filed a legal complaint against Beats Electronics over the use of noise-cancelling technology used in their headphones, according to CNBC. Apple, of course, announced earlier this year plans to acquire the headphones maker in a $3 billion deal.

The following patents owned by Bose appear to be relevant in the case:

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