Google ‘deeply concerned’ by reports of MPAA working with movie studios to ‘revive SOPA’


Can’t blame them.

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Google has published a post on its Public Policy blog responding to recent revelations that the Motion Picture Association of America was working with a group of movie studios in order to find new ways to force the search giant to modify its results to omit sites that contained stolen copyrighted material:

We are deeply concerned about recent reports that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) led a secret, coordinated campaign to revive the failed SOPA legislation through other means, and helped manufacture legal arguments in connection with an investigation by Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood.

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Siri founder Adam Cheyer tells the story of its creation in this hour long video



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While the video is at times technical and “in the weeds” it is a great overview of the creation of Siri that I hadn’t yet seen.  Mixed in are anecdotes about Apple, Steve Jobs and other players that made the technology happen.

Walking backward in time, Adam discussed the technical history of Siri as well as how the vision of virtual personal assistants evolved over time. He wowed the audience with a video from 1987 on a concept from Apple where predicted a Siri like device 24 years in the future and was only off by 2 weeks.

The talk is from the Listen 2014 Conference given last month. Cheyer left Apple in late 2012 and has started work on a new Startup

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This iPhone user switched to the Galaxy Note 4 – and now he can’t wait to switch back


Shocker. iOS beats Android in all the ways that count. Experience and usability.

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It’s always entertaining to see what happens when longtime fans of different platforms decide to switch to a rival device and now one longtime iPhone user has posted about his experiences on Reddit of switching to the Galaxy Note 4. Long story short: While he likes some things about the Note 4, he personally cannot wait to switch back to the iPhone next year.

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Apple just released iOS 8.2 beta 3


Let’s see what’s new.

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If you’re a developer — or one of the tens of thousands of non-developers with an iOS developer account — we have some good news for you: Apple just released a new version of its iOS software. iOS 8.2 beta 3 is now available as an over-the-air (OTA) download for users with compatible devices.

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Apple says ‘no other company doing as much’ in response to BBC supply chain profile

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Ahead of a BBC special exploring work conditions in Apple’s supply chain airing tonight, today published a story revealing the results of its investigation. The news outlet went undercover into Apple’s supply chain and claims “Apple’s promises to protect workers were routinely broken” while citing a number of workplace violations:

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iOS 8.2 brings back blood glucose tracking, explains Health data


That’s definitely nice to know.

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In addition to supporting WatchKit and the Apple Watch, the iOS 8.2 software update will re-introduce some previously removed features in Apple’s Health app on iOS 8 as well as provide some feature enhancements. As discovered in the latest iOS 8.2 beta for developers, Apple is reintroducing support for blood glucose tracking through the iOS 8 Health app after an issue with which unit of measurement the app defaulted to presenting problems for international users of the feature. The somewhat intimidating Health app is also getting a little smarter with brief descriptions for the various data points tracked by the app listed under each section.

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Tim Cook makes personal donation to LGBT equality campaign in Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi


Classy guy.

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Tim Cook Auburn

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made a “generous personal financial investment” in Project One America, an LGBT equality campaign focused on three Southern states: Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin announced the donation on the civil rights organization’s blog today.

When Tim first learned about HRC’s Project One America – our bold, comprehensive campaign to dramatically advance equality for LGBT Americans in Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi – he said, “I’m in.” Thanks to his generous personal financial investment in the program, together we will move the needle forward at the local and state level, tearing down misperceptions and providing concrete protections for those who need it most.

In announcing the Apple CEO’s personal donation to Project One America, the HRC also praised Tim Cook’s personal essay from October in which he became the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 company:

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