Great news: Apple Pay will soon be accepted by a lot more small businesses


Great news indeed.

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So far we’ve heard a lot about Apple Pay support at major retailers, but what about the small businesses in your neighborhood? CNN reports that help for them is on the way because Square founder Jack Dorsey says that the company is working on adding support for Apple Pay to its popular payments system.

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Apple’s A8 processor found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can reportedly handle 4K video playback


Definitely some potential here.

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When Apple debuted the A8 processor that would be used in its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it appears the company decided to omit one big detail: the chip, according to a new discovery by the developers behind the app WALTR. Using that app, they found that it was possible to load 4K videos onto an iPhone 6. Not only that, but the device managed to play it back without any issues.

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iCloud Photos upload support for images added to public iCloud site


Nice additions here.

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iCloud Photos

In addition to updating with support for eight new languages when using iWork for iCloud, Apple has also turned on the ability to upload photos to iCloud Photos from the web. Upload support for iCloud Photos on the web was previously rolled out to the site at the beginning of this month. Video uploading currently isn’t supported by either version of the iCloud site..

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Complex Android malware believed to have infected up to 4.5M smartphones in the U.S.

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As many as 4.5 million American Android smartphone users may have been fooled into somehow downloading a complex malicious program on their devices since January 2013, The New Yok Times reports, citing security company Lookout.

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Apple patents smoke detectors in iDevices that can call 911, activate sprinklers and locate building occupants


Pretty cool idea. Might save a lot of lives. Not enough folks actually use a smoke detectors.

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The Nest smoke detector may look decidedly old-fashioned if one Apple patent ever makes it into production. Apple has patented the idea of embedding smoke detectors into “electronic devices” and using those devices to provide a comprehensive response to a fire.

In response to detecting smoke with the smoke detector, the electronic device may issue an alert or take other suitable action. The electronic device may transmit alerts to nearby electronic devices and to remote electronic devices such as electronic devices at emergency services facilities. Alerts may contain maps and graphical representations of buildings in which smoke has been detected. Motion detectors and other sensors and circuitry may be used in determining whether electronic devices are being used by users and may be used in determining where the electronic devices are located. Alerts may contain information on the location of detected smoke and building occupants.

In other words, your Apple…

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Apple continues to beef up Maps data with addition of ten new providers


Good news.

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Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 8.33.12 PM

Apple has continued its recent efforts to improve its mapping service by partnering with several new data providers, according to Apple Maps Marketing. The company has historically partnered with companies like TomTom, as well as its own in-house mapping data and others for its information.

These new companies don’t yet appear on the list of map data attributions, Apple is recommending businesses who wish to submit bulk locations to be listed in its Maps app instead go through one of the company’s partners, including these ten new names:

  • DAC Group
  • Location3 Media
  • Marquette Group
  • Placeable
  • PositionTech
  • SIM Partners
  • SinglePlatform
  • UBL
  • Yext
  • Yodle

This list isn’t a complete representation of Apple’s partners, and even the full list in the email to inquiring businesses (which includes previously-known partners) doesn’t include every single one of Apple’s providers, but the above ten companies certainly appear to be brand new additions to the lineup.

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This is why you can’t use Touch ID to log in to your iPhone after rebooting


Not new information, but good to be reminded of the security element of Touch ID.

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In the 14 months since Touch ID launched, it has become a standout feature of the iPhone and iPad line of devices. It makes paying for apps easier than ever, it’s a shift toward enhanced mobile security and it was the key to making Apple Pay a reality… but it still has its limitations.

Reddit user Xenon808 asked a question this week that many of us have probably pondered in the past:

“Why do you have to type in your PIN after rebooting your phone or after a certain amount of time?”

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