Apple’s Black Friday deals are now live: get a $25-100 (PRODUCT)RED iTunes gift card on qualifying purchases


Nice deals.

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As we noted earlier this week, Apple is now offering a one-day-only deal on its products for Black Friday. Customers who purchase qualifying Apple products will receive a (PRODUCT)RED iTunes gift card valued from $25 to $100 depending on the product.

Below you’ll find a full list of the qualifying products for each denomination:

Apple is also donating the proceeds from many specially-marked iOS apps to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS until December 7th.

Better yet, save 25% on an iTunes gift card without buying any new hardware. We’ve been posting the best Apple deals on 9to5Toys throughout Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

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Here’s what to do if your iPhone storage gets clogged by mysterious ‘Other’ data


Definitely helps. Hope that this is fixed in the near future.

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If you use your iPhone to do a lot of different things, you may find that it has a huge block of storage space that’s being taken up by data that only gets categorized as “Other.” One iPhone owner on Reddit had a particularly acute case of “Other” data storage woes and found that this mysterious data accounted for nearly 38GB on his 128GB iPhone 6. Based on the recommendations of other iPhone users in the thread, here are some things you should do if you find that this mysterious data is taking over your device.

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Apple premieres another new iPhone ad, this time focusing on iOS 8’s voice message feature


Fun ad. Great feature.

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Following the release of two new iPhone ads earlier this week, Apple has put out yet another commercial for the iPhone 6. Like the others, “Voice Text” features Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and pop star Justin Timberlake discussing the newest features on Apple’s smartphone.

In this ad, Fallon and Timberlake demonstrate the many uses for the new voice messaging feature included in iOS 8, such as including sarcasm or difficult-to-spell words in a reply. You can check out the full ad below:

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Dirt-cheap Android tablets from Best Buy, Walmart, elsewhere found to ship with major security flaws



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Many retailers are ready to offer buyers various interesting deals on smartphones and tablets this year on Black Friday, but not all products are safe for consumers, new research from security company Bluebox Labs reveals. Apparently, certain dirt-cheap Android tablets might come with major security vulnerabilities on board.

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Samsung might have to pay even more for infringing Apple patents


Good. Pay up.

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Even though Samsung and Apple have settled their international patent disputes, the lawsuits in the U.S. are far from being a distant memory. Apple has largely won the two major trials in American courts, with Samsung having to pay more than $1 billion in combined damages; though both sides have appealed various verdicts in these trials.

Following the second, less-successful, win against Samsung, Apple has also asked the court to rule in its favor regarding ongoing royalties for Samsung products found to infringe three specific patents that a jury already found to have been infringed by older Samsung devices.

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The colorful iPhone 5c will reportedly be discontinued next year


Wouldn’t be shocking. That would leave all remaining iPhones with 64-bit AX chips. A better deal than the 5c, especially over 2 years.

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Apple’s plastic iPhone 5c, launched in late 2013 as a more affordable iPhone option alongside the iPhone 5s, is going to be discontinued next year. The news comes from MacRumors and cites a report from Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times.

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Deja vu: New report says the iPhone 6s might have a special kind of glass cover next year


Would be nice. Apple rarely drops ideas wholly. They might shelve it to perfect it, but when they do it’ll be worth it.

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Apple launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus just a couple of months ago, but a new report from Focus Taiwan seems to reveal an interesting deal for future iPhone generations, as detailed by China Economic Weekly. The publication also seems to confirm a recent report that said Foxconn is urgently building a display factory to handle only Apple orders, with special emphasis on the next-gen iPhone models.

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