Review: Beats Studio Wireless headphones (and what Apple can improve)


This is an interesting look at Beats from a casual user who isn’t an audiophile. Ever since Apple announced they’d be buying Beats, I’ve wondered whether or not to add a set to my collection of devices. I typically use Apple’s EarPods, which I find to be good enough for the most part. I’m thinking about getting the Matte Black set of Beats and this piece gives me a few thoughts to consider. Great job Zac!

Originally posted on 9to5Mac:

A few weeks before initial reports that Apple was planning to acquire Beats Electronics, I started AT&T’s three month trial of the Beats Music subscription streaming service.. Given that generous window of time, I felt more comfortable investing my time than I would with a one or two week trial. When news broke that Apple was in final talks to purchase Beats, I was caught off guard and immediately concerned that the subscription service that I was starting to really like would change under Apple’s watch. Since the deal has been made official, Apple has said that Beats Music will continue as it is (across multiple platforms even) as will the headphones line (Beats branded, not Apple branded) for now.

Because I was rather surprised by the appeal of Beats Music and Apple is now endorsing the headphones more than ever (even if only really for their massive…

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