With iOS 8, Apple battles Android on its own turf, allowing its users more choice


The gap is pretty much non-existent in most ways. In fact, Android is looking a little dated after iOS 8.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

So if, like me, you were hoping for any new Apple hardware at the company’s 2014 Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, you were left lacking. Look beyond that, however, and you can see how much Apple’s(s aapl) current and future hardware will improve thanks to dozens of upcoming additions, changes and upgrades in both OS X and iOS. And several of those changes actually remove some of the advantages offered by that other big mobile platform: Android(s goog).

ios 8 trio

Apple has less say over your app data but still protects it

Take the new Extensibility feature in iOS, for example, which lets apps talk to each other and share data between them in a sandboxed way: There are still strict walls between apps for security and stability but apps can work together for tasks. You might take a picture in the iPhone’s Camera app but you can add filters to your photo from…

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