Apple iWatch report suggests October release, 2.5-inch display from LG

More important than the size is the shape and aspect ratio. Too square and it will be bulky and unnatural. Done right it might be the next evolution of wearables. I believe Apple (with Jony Ive and his team) will succeed with this project.


More reports surfaced Thursday that Apple’s iWatch is likely to launch in October. Reuters sources are the latest to suggest such a timeframe and their information generally matches up with similar articles from Nikkei and Re/Code earlier this month. There is, however, some new information that suggests the iWatch will be shaped more like a rectangular band and not round like a traditional timepiece.

Instead, expect a 2.5-inch touchscreen display that’s “slightly rectangular,” according to Reuters. The watch will also be arched, likely to fit around a wrist, and use a touchscreen from LG. From that description it sounds like the iWatch’s general design will be similar to that Samsung’s Gear Fit wearable band, which has a curved 1.84-inch screen and looks like this


Reuters says Quanta is producing at least some — perhaps up to 70 percent — of the product line for Apple(s aapl), which is expected to ship 50…

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