How iOS8 extensions could help college students dump their laptops and rely on their iPads

A very interesting read. I have use my iPads for heavier types of work for a while now. While there are some trade offs to be made without the keyboard, it generally works well enough for me. I’m looking forward to seeing how iOS 8 and extensions can make things easier.


Every year around this time I start composing an article about how to get by in college with just an iPad. But in past years, once I get into it I realize that using your iPad as your only computer through college is like strapping a jet engine to your Chevrolet; you can do it, and it’s a fun experiment, but it’s not very practical.

There are some coming features in iOS 8, however, that may help students get more work done on just an iPad.

Current limitations in iOS7

While there are many reasons an iPad probably won’t work well as your main device in college — your major might have specific programs you need to learn, for instance — Apple’s current app sandboxing practice makes it very difficult to share data between apps.

Regardless of your major, you will need to write a research paper, cite your sources…

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