Apple’s Touch ID: It’s not just for iPhones and iPads based on this patent

There’s a lot of potential with this patent and I’m sure that they’ll apply it in as many devices as it would make sense to. Touch ID is at it’s early beginnings and it’s going to be even more helpful in the future.


Apple introduced its Touch ID fingerprint scanner with last year’s iPhone 5s debut, using it for both phone unlocking as well as in place of an entering an Apple ID in the App Store. Reports suggest that this year’s new iPad models will gain a Touch ID sensor, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Is that it for Touch ID though? Perhaps not, according to a new patent application from Apple.

Patently Apple uncovered the patent request on Thursday and it shows an drawn iPad with not one, but two example fingerprint sensors. One is integrated into the home button as expected, while a second one is shown connected to the iPad’s headphone port.

ipad touch ID patent

Based on the patent application, [company]Apple[/company] could embed a Touch ID sensor on an accessory device. Interestingly the patent cites USB as one possible “connector aperture” even though iOS devices have no USB ports. It’s…

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