Apple job postings hint at a possible VoLTE surprise for iPhone 6

It would be a nice addition. Typically they’re not the first to add a technology before it matures, but this isn’t too far fetched given that it’s fairly easy for them to implement it and will lead to some improvements for users.


Apple has already said the iPhone 6 will support calls over Wi-Fi, but what about voice over LTE? No, the company hasn’t mentioned that, but there’s an outside chance the feature will be added to the next iPhone: Apple has posted job openings for engineers with VoLTE experience.


Light Reading’s Dan Jones spotted several related job postings and speculated on an iPhone 6 surprise. The company is looking for experience with VoLTE, IP Multimedia Subsystems and the Session Initiation Protocol — all of which add up to future voice support over fast data networks. [company]Apple[/company] is also seeking people to help with Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMD-WB), a codec used in the VoLTE standard.

If you’re looking for VoLTE support at the launch of the iPhone 6, the timing of this development isn’t ideal: Apple is expected to hold, but hasn’t yet announced, a press event on September 9 to unveil…

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